This multibagger stock gave 3500 percent return in 10 years, many brokerage firms are still bullish


The stock of Vinati Organics has been consistently giving returns to the investors.
The company has seen good growth in its quarterly results.
Most brokerage firms are giving a target of up to Rs 2,360 for this.

New Delhi. If you have invested for a long period in any fundamentally strong stock, then this investment does not go fruitless, rather the fruit is very sweet. The stock of Vinati Organics has also given bountiful results to long-term investors. The stock has risen 3,500 per cent in 10 years. The special thing is that brokerage houses are still bullish on this.

Brokerages are still liking it when the company presented its September 2022 quarter results. The company’s net profit for the quarter grew 43 per cent to Rs 116 crore as against Rs 81 crore in the quarter ended September 2021. Net sales grew by 51 per cent to Rs 566.29 crore as against Rs 374 crore in the same quarter last year.

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Product portfolio great: Sharekhan
Brokerage firm Sharekhan has said that Vinati Organics’ key global market share in the ATBS/IBB segment, unique product portfolio, capacity expansion/new product launches and massive export opportunities in the specialty chemical segment will enable it to generate double-digit earnings in the long run. Will make a growing company. Perm Recommended Buy for this target price of Rs 2,500.

The stock was trading at 2,117.50 (on NSE) and 2,112.85 (on BSE) at the time of writing the news on Friday (12:12 am).

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Nirmal Bang gave a target of Rs 2,300
Nirmal Bang has also given a target of Rs 2,300 while advising to buy this stock. The firm said Vinati Organics is one of the very few companies in its coverage universe with a potential of 25 per cent EBITDA CAGR over the next 5 years based on a strong track record, vigorous process innovation and sound financial position. Although the margin profile may look tight for this in the near future, but this company appears to be growing.

According to Geojit Financial, the company’s revenue growth momentum is expected to continue. Given the strong demand for its flagship products, capacity expansion and high contribution from new products, the company will continue to grow. The firm has advised buy slowly for a target price of Rs 2,360.

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