PNB’s special 600 days FD, getting the best interest

These special interest schemes have come into effect from October 19.

It has been told once again by PNB. That he will pay interest at the rate of 7.85 per annum in his 600-day special FD scheme and this is a special interest rate scheme. It has come into force from 19 October 2012. A statement from their side said that “the bank is offering higher interest rates up to 7.85 per cent per annum”.

These people will get the benefit of this scheme

These people will get benefit of this scheme

This is a special FD scheme of PNB. This is for senior citizens. Those whose age is 60 years to 80 years and very senior citizens i.e. those whose age is more than 80 years. are for them. This is a special FD scheme of PNB. Under this, there is an amount of less than two crore rupees together. It can be deposited. The bank is offering better and higher interest rates than other banks.

hike in repo rate

hike in repo rate

Tell us who are the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). He has increased the repo rate to control inflation. To control inflation, the RBI has increased the repo rate four times since May. After the increase in interest by RBI, almost all the banks. They have increased their FD interest rates. Along with this, the interest rates on savings accounts have also increased. Along with this, its effect is on the interest rates of home loan, car loan and personal loan. It is lying on that too.

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