Multibagger Stock: This company of pharma sector made 63 thousand to 1 crore, are there chances of earning further?


Pharma sector company Caplin Point has proved to be a multibagger for investors.
It has made investors’ capital of 63 thousand rupees 1 crore in 11 years.
Analysts believe that there can be a jump of 23 percent in this even further.

New Delhi. The shares of Caplin Point Laboratories, a pharma sector company, are seeing a steady rise. At the close of the market on Monday, November 14, its shares were trading at Rs 775.35, up 6 per cent. At the same time, analysts believe that the shares of Caplin Point Laboratories can rise by another 23 percent.

Domestic brokerage firm ICICI Securities has fixed a target price of Rs 955 on Caplin Point Laboratories shares. According to the brokerage firm, its shares have gained tremendously due to reasons such as increasing growth in the US, expansion plans and increasing portfolio. In such a situation, seeing the golden investment opportunity, analysts have advised to invest in it at a target price of up to Rs 955.


63 thousand made one crore in 11 years
Over the long term, Caplin Point Laboratories has given multibagger returns to its investors. It has made investors millionaires by investing only 63 thousand rupees. Its shares were at a price of Rs 4.86 on November 11, 2011, which has increased 159 times to Rs 775.35 today. That is, the capital of 63 thousand rupees invested in it at that time has become one crore today.

Gave strong returns even in short term
Caplin Point Lab shares have given strong returns to investors in the short term as well. It has given 46% return to investors in six months. On November 15 last year, its shares were at a price of Rs 890 on November 15, 2021, which is a one-year record high, after which it slipped to a record low of Rs 626.30 for 52 weeks, down nearly 30 per cent till May 11, 2022. However, then the purchase increased in this and in six months till now 46 percent has been recovered.

Increasing profits with the expansion of the company
Caplin Point Laboratories is a fully integrated pharma company. It has a good hold in Latin America, African French countries. At the same time, it is also increasing rapidly in America and European Union. In the September quarter of FY 2022-23, the company’s revenue increased by 18.3 percent year-on-year to Rs 359 crore. At the same time, the Adjusted PAT (Profit After Tax) reached Rs 91.7 crore with an increase of 22.3 per cent. Its total market cap is Rs 5,877.20 crore.


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