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You will never face recession in the security agency business.
No one wants to compromise on security, so the demand for security guards is continuously increasing.
You do not need to spend much to open a security agency.

New Delhi. If you also want to do some business and are looking for a new business idea, then today we are telling you about such a business, by adopting which you can earn good money. With this idea, you will not only get employment yourself, you will also be able to give jobs to others. Actually, we are talking about the security agency.

You do not need to spend much to open a security agency. You can start it from just one room. Means you can try your hand in this business at a very low cost. Nowadays, whether it is the biggest company or the service sector office doing small work, everyone needs security guards for security.

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Increasing demand for security guards
If you start this business then there will never be any slowdown in it. The demand for security guards is increasing continuously. Because whether someone is rich or a big businessman, everyone needs security. People will reduce the rest of the expenses but no one wants to compromise on security. Everyone always looks for a reliable security agency.

This registration is necessary
You can earn the money you want by opening a security agency. In this, according to the kind of investment you make, big or small, you will get profit. To start it, you have to form a company. After this, ESIC and PF registration will also have to be done. Along with this, you will also have to get GST registration done. Apart from this, you also have to register your company in the labor court.

What is the process of getting license
To open a private security agency, you are required to obtain a license issued under PSARA (Private Security Agency Regulation Act 2005). Without this license, you cannot run a private security agency. In this, police verification of the applicant is done before giving the license. At the same time, for this, an agreement has to be made regarding the training of security guards from an institute certified by the State Controlling Authority.

How much will the whole process cost
In the beginning of opening a security agency, apart from opening the office of the agency, you have to spend money for the necessary items. At the same time, fees have to be paid for its license. If you want to get a license for a security agency in one district, it costs about Rs 5,000, for providing service in 5 districts it costs about Rs 10,000 and for running your agency in a state it costs up to Rs 25,000. After getting the license, your agency has to follow all the rules of the PSARA Act. Once you start, you can give a bigger expansion to this business.

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