A mysterious figure from the bottom of the river

Last semester vacation me, Remy and Talha planned to fish in the river near the village. This is not the first time we have fished here, even if we have free time, that is the ‘port’ where we spend a whole day, so much so that we set up tents to make it easier to rest, lie down and so on.
That evening at about 5 o’clock, we arrived at the location. Without waiting long we continued to set up the tent. We have planned to spend the night here because according to other friends, fishing in the river at night is more profitable. Not only is the atmosphere quiet and peaceful, but midnight is when the fish always come out looking for food.
Almost three hours passed, the three of us managed to raise almost 10 fish including kelah fish, jelawat, baung and lampam. The three of us are quite happy, it seems that it was not in vain that we ‘hermited’ here for a long time.
The atmosphere at that time was quite quiet. All that can be heard is the sound of birds and the occasional splash of water on the surface of the river. Maybe it’s true when people say that this is when the fish come out of the deep to look for food.
I looked around. It seemed that it was only the three of us there. Usually if there are other anglers we will definitely be able to see the light of a lamp or a lamp installed, but at this time it was pitch black around us.
“Eh, what time do we want to go back?” Talha asked me. I grinned as I pouted my lips towards Remy who was enjoying himself with his rod.
“Oh, relax. It’s a full basket and we’ll go back,” said Remy with a small laugh. Talha and I grinned and agreed. It’s true what Remy said, the reeds have been ‘hermiting’ here for a long time, so let’s just wait until morning. Who knows if you can get a decent return later. While each daydreaming waiting for the bait to be touched by a fish suddenly…
“Eh, Remy, Joran, you’ve heard. Try to check quickly!” shouted Talha as our eyes looked at his fishing line that was twisting and turning on the surface of the river.
Quickly Remy reached for his rod tied to the bank. He really ‘served’ the victim who grazed his hook at that time. Sometimes it was seen that the fishing line was brought to the center and to the side, but the grazing fish still did not appear on the surface.
With all his might Remy tried to pull his rod. Although it seems difficult, he does it carefully so that the fish does not get off the hook. But suddenly…
“Oh my God… break up anyway! Remy shouted. Talha and I also share the feeling of disappointment. We hope that Remy will be able to raise the fish that grabbed his hook, but there may be no sustenance for him.
“It’s okay, there will be other sustenance later. Well, you go put on a new strap. Who knows if after this you will get a bigger reward,” said Talha encouragingly. While Remy was busy putting a new fishing line on his rod, he suddenly heard a loud noise in the middle of the river. The splash of water splashed towards us.
The three of us remained silent. Each eye is directed to the middle of the river. The feeling of being haunted. It’s okay, I’m also worried if other predators show up because before many people also told me that there were crocodiles in the river where we were fishing.
“Uh, what’s a challenge eh? Is it a crocodile?” asked Talha.
Remy and I simultaneously straightened our index fingers on our lips. We swore in our hearts because of his stupidity.
“Eh, you.. it’s a bit difficult to even talk. We have been here for blind nights. Make it come out what you said earlier, don’t be moved,” Remy grumbled at length. But even before I had time to continue Remy’s words, suddenly we were once again woken up by the loud sound of rushing water from the middle of the river. Each of them froze and looked away wanting to see what was happening at that moment.
In the faint darkness of the moon from the middle of the river something appeared to rise to the surface. A black object appeared to fill the space in the middle of the river.
“Hey, what’s that thing? It looks like that raised hair,” Talha said anxiously. His guess is correct. A few seconds later the surface of the water in the middle of the river turned black. It seems clear that something is about to arise.
Our mouths dropped open and our eyes didn’t even blink at what was happening. Soon an object appeared from the bottom of the river. Clearly we could see a terrifying pitch black figure slowly rising from the surface of the river. The longer it gets higher until it surpasses the height of the nearby mangrove trees. His long hair had fallen past his waist. Looking up we looked at him with tongue agape.
The tall figure seemed to ignore us. I tried to look at his face, but the darkness at that time made it difficult to see. For sure, my friends and I were shivering watching what happened at that time.
But it wasn’t until a few seconds later that the creature slowly went back to the bottom of the river. That’s when I could see his face a little more clearly. His eyes were red like fireballs, his face was full of lumps of flesh that didn’t change like boils. I’m confused. What creature is this?
Soon the creature continued to disappear from the surface of the river. All that was visible was debris and rubbish around.
“Let’s go back. I don’t think we need to wait here anymore. I’m afraid something else will happen later,” said Remy as he lifted the rod stuck on the river bank.
Talha and I did not object. We continue to pack and store all the necessities. Leaving that location was the best course at that time. We didn’t go straight home but stopped at Pak Kasim’s stall which was still open. After ordering drinks we looked at each other.
“What kind of creature do you think we saw earlier?” asked Remy starting the conversation. Talha and I shrugged our shoulders as if we didn’t know.
“I think that’s the water ghost that people always talk about. Even before this there were anglers who found it, but I didn’t think it was our turn tonight,” he continued.
We were silent. Unexpectedly, the plan to go fishing together in a happy atmosphere ended up stalling because of the incident. There is actually a lot more we want to talk about but each of us keeps our mouth shut because we are still traumatized by what happened. – Malaysian Weekly

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